How to improve our taste?

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Some people have good taste, others have less. But what about those, who have not yet improved their taste to perfection, even though they would love to. Well, the good news is that taste can be improved. This is not a natural born aptitude, however it is an acquired skill, of which cultivation depends only upon ourself. How to improve our taste? Now I am not going to especially bring you examples from web design, since it is only a small area. We need to focus on more global opportunities in order to improve taste. Whoever has a good taste of fashion, decor for example-that can profit in web design as well.

Taste improving exercises

Exercise #1

Let us read, turn page of high standard magazines. The topic is practically irrelevant. It can be a demanding photographic magazine or a woman magazine- the keyword is exacting. You do not even have to have it in hand, since there are plenty of nice, of high standard, elaborated online magazines to read. Why is it good? A nicely designed magazine can help you be informed about up-to-date trends. For example, a woman magazine can tell you, what the current colours of fashion in this season are, which you can use in web design and other creative works as well.

Exercise #2

Open up your eyes and mind. What would that mean? You would need to be sensitive to notice all those, many times unusual or strange things during your strolling, which can inspire you. To have an opened mind would help you be able to analyze, what makes things either interesting or cool. Observe and analyze up to the last detail. If needed, make notes or scribble in a note book. Why is it good? If travelling by bus and seeing a poster, which is great and hits your mark, but by the time you arrive home, you will have forgotten, WHAT it had made it so cool for you. It is only the general aspect you remember that it was great… Therefore it is necessary to analyze what you had seen. It also applies to a website. What makes it so charming? What are the colours like? What is the structure like? Where is it located on Menu? Is there a page border, changing pictures on Main page? What photos are used? Are there effects, filters on the photos? And I could go on…

Exercise #3

Use Pinterest! Unbelievably amazing, creative solutions can be watched unlimited, either in web design, graphics or other creative areas. You can even save them so that you can re-watch them anytime. This inspiration has no match!

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